Thursday, October 30, 2014

Toata tara la VOT!

Nu conteaza asa mult cu cine votezi, dar hai sa-i trezim la realitate... sa le aratam ca ne pasa cine si cum conduce aceasta tara...

Cand prezenta la vot este sub 40%, inseamna ca acei 40% sunt majoritatea, fie membri ai partidelor, fie oameni care sunt usor de manipulat prin propaganda si pomeni electorale... 

Chiar vrem sa ne lasam pe mana lor!?

Cand ma vor intreba copiii peste 15 - 20 de ani, eu ce am facut pentru a schimba ceva in aceasta tara, eu vreau sa le pot spune ca m-am folosit de cea mai puternica arma a democratiei, VOTUL! 

Va rog sa veniti la vot, pentru noi si copiii nostri.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Danube Delta - PART 5 - The end

During my last day on Sulina, I rented a bout late in the afternoon and adventured alone on the water-ways to capture the wild life at sunset. I really enjoyed this natural paradise and I will definitely come again. It one of those places that you have to see in your life at least once....
I hope you liked the results of my visit to the Danube Delta. 
PS. I am planing a bike trip from the Danube springs in the Black Forest at least until Budapest. But you will have to wait a little bit for that. :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Danube Delta - PART 4 - Visit to Sulina

During one of the last days of our stay at Hotel Sunrise, we organized a boat trip for all of us to visit Sulina, a town and port at the mouth of the Sulina branch of Danube to the Black Sea. Sulina was once a prosperous port but now it has become a disadvantaged location.

Here are some photos I took during this trip to Sulina.
The quick passenger boat used by tourists to reach their holiday destinations faster and much more expensive than the regular ferry that is used by locals and budget tourists.

Workers from a building site on the river back.

Tourist fisherman

Wild horses
Local fishermen 
Old boat left to rust on the river bank



Unloading the fire wood used by locals to heat their homes

The passenger boats are docked in Sulina 
The old fish cans factory is in ruins and for sale, scraped fishing ships.

Locals repairing fishing nets

Old fishing ship is a wreck

Apartment building on the river bank, most of the owners use wood to heat their homes and have their own chimney.

Romanian border police ships

New vs old, side by side

Sulina, ship docked in port.

The old Sulina lighthouse

City library

Big ship is approaching Sulina from the Black Sea

The old lighthouse 
A second lighthouse on the river bank

The second lighthouse

Cormorants on the shore of the Black Sea

The new lighthouse

Wrecked ship on Sulina beack



Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Danube Delta - PART 3 - Early morning boat trip

The Sunrise Hotel has boats that are available for tourists to rent for fishing, leisure and sightseeing. They have simple paddle boats that are cheep to rent and you don't need any skipper or guide as long as you don't go to far and get lost in the channels and lakes. It was a little hard to get my colleagues to rise up at 5 am in order to see the sunrise from the lakes around the hotel, but I did get a few of them to join me on a boat trip one morning.

We have asked the locals where is safe for us to venture the wilderness, and they guided us to some nice places, not far from the hotel.
Fishermen are already at work
Early morning on lake Iacob

Nets are more empty then full

Pelicans and Cormorants are out fishing as well

And they are off after they spotted us getting closer.

Pelican and Cormorant

In formation


Lonely fishermen

Small Egret

Egret landing

Like a fighter jet

Looks like there is some fish in the bottom of the net

Musical notes on stave